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Fashion Rail

Consign with us:

Earn money from your closet!


Bring in your well cared for designer fashion pieces and we will sell them for you, putting money back into your pocket for items you no longer wear. 

At Expressions we strive to make the entire consignment process simple, efficient, and profitable for you.


Follow these steps to start consigning:

  • No appointment necessary to drop off clothing. Expressions staff will look through your items, and will only take what we believe can sell.


  • Expressions management has the final say on which items will be taken and the value at which they are priced.

  • If you choose not to remain in store at the time of drop off, all items which we do not take will be donated to The Woman in Need Society (W.I.N.S.). Any items that do not sell after 3 months will also be donated to W.I.N.S


  • You will receive 40% of what your items sell for, when they sell. This money automatically goes on your account which you can pick up at any time, or use towards purchases in store.

  • It is the consignor's responsibility to check on your account regarding any money you make by calling or by coming in.


  • Your items remain in the store for up to three (3) months but do go on sale during the final month in the store.


  • There is no option for you to return and pick up items.

Clothes Model

Current Styles.

The best selling items are under 2 years old, please keep this in mind when dropping off items. 


We prefer to focus on quality brands that our clients love because these are the items sell better in our stores and more closely align with us setting ourselves apart from being thrift. Our goal is to be viewed as #upscaleresale, carrying quality clothing and brands that people love to wear.   

This extends to accessories, shoes, and handbags, as well as our men's locations. 

How we choose:

Winter Outfit

Seasonal items:

While we tend to accept consignment slightly before the season starts to maximize sales, we cannot keep out of season items in storage, so please be sure to follow the guidelines below: 

Spring + Summer drop off is   March - Aug

Fall + Winter drop off is Sept - Feb

This includes accessories. Please consider dropping accessories off at Mally Marie's Accessories. 

Clothes Hanging on a Rack

Care and condition.

We accept items in great condition, this means no missing buttons, no pilling, stains, animal hair, etc.


Please only drop off freshly laundered items. We prefer if you do not bring items in on hangers, while shoes can be brought in with the boxes if available.  


Brands we love to carry: 

We know what our customers are looking for, this list is updated as time goes on but the most current list will always be available at our stores. 


Aritzia brands         

Anthropologie brands






Eileen Fisher

Johnny Was

Kate Spade  



Club Monaco​

Free People




Brands we do not carry: 

Below are some brand we do not currently accept. This list may be changed and revised from time to time so please review it before bringing your items in.






Smart Set          

Suzy Shier



Warehouse One



Lady Dutch


Alfred Sung          





Denver Hayes       




Forever 21 (XXI)   




Joe Fresh

Lady Hathaway           

Liz Claiborne  (Emma James)   

Lula Roe                     

Mark (AVON)                   




Old Navy

...for our consignors: 

Dropping off consignment items: 

We will sort through your consignment items while you wait, or shop, in our store. We will do this as efficiently and quickly as possible. 

Checking your account balance: 

Simply call or come by the store. Any of our friendly staff can tell you what is owing to you. You can collect your money at any point, or let it build on your account and use it as in-store credit. Your money will stay on your account until you use it or take it. Your money will not expire. If you simply want the balance on your account, you can call us and we would be glad to help you.

Using store credit: 

At this time our online store is not set up for you to pay using a store credit. as well, your preferred client card cannot be credited for any purchases made online. 

How you get paid: 

Once your items sell you get 40% of the sale price. Please note we have 2 major sales per year along with flash sales. If your items sell during this time, you will receive 40% of that sale price. 

Jacket Selection

Consigning is good for the environment!

Each moment we extend fashion we save it from filling up our landfills and becoming discarded until it is fully used and at the end of it's lifespan. 

Giving back even more!

Any items that are not sold are donated to WINS (Women In Need Society) where these gently used clothing can provide women in need an additional boost of confidence as they re-enter the workforce and make them feel great. Sorry we cannot contact consignors to pick up unsold items. 

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